Bill Ayers: Teaching Revolution

By Mary Grabar

In Bill Ayers: Teaching Revolution, Mary Grabar draws on her twenty-year career in education to describe the ways Ayers’s ideas are revolutionizing and transforming colleges of education and K-12 schools. She reveals the breadth of his influence—and offers constructive ways to challenge his grip.  

Some ways Bill Ayers’s radical ideology is influencing education today:

  • Presenting the U.S. and the West as oppressors and promoting “global citizenship.”  
  • Continuing the communist project of presenting capitalism as the basis of racism.  
  • Rejecting order, testing, standards, and independent thought in school and replacing them with constant questioning of values and “collaboration.”  
  • Open revolutionary goals, and encouragement of “anarchist calisthenics,” when administrators are not looking, to find an institution’s “cracks.”
  • Self-interest and self-promotion, with the teacher as hero, and replacement of the parent by the teacher and government surrogate.

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