Barbarism on Campus and in the Marketplace: Contemplations on Professors and Aggressive Shoppers

Dissident Prof is resigning herself to beginning each weekly post with news about the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement.  Such is the state of the academy.

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Since the OWP protestors are protesting about the Deadly Sin of Greed, presumably applicable only to Wall Street bankers, Dissident Prof is protesting the protestors' Sloth.  She would like them to take up brooms and rakes, and clean up the messes they left in parks and public places across the land.

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Jesse Jackson - Occupy AtlantaJesse Jackson - Occupy Atlanta

Occupy Atlanta gets another Icon

It was just a matter of time . . . before Jesse Jackson showed up in the "Cradle of the Civil Rights Movement," here in Atlanta. 

Although Jackson personally did not take part in the night time march last weekend, he did deign to offer his pearls of Historical Perspective to protestors and reporters gathered at his feet.  Said the Icon, "'This is the cup running over.  The people can't take it anymore.'"

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution dutifully recorded the Historical Event: "protestors were voicing dissatisfaction with banks" (yeah, I hardly earn any interest on my

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The Occupation Continues!  From the Ivory Tower Out into the Streets. 

As I've said before, we can thank our educational establishment for much of this.  At the Madison protests last spring, teachers led students in the protests--on behalf of themselves.  So if you see a young person with an incoherent sign shouting slogans you can likely thank her teacher.

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