"Civic Engagement" class"Civic Engagement" classThe big news last week--because it was made big news by the media and exploitative politicians--was the Trayvon Martin case.  Students streamed out of classes, where if the professoriate were doing their duty they might learn about due process, to protestSeminole State College officials unilaterally decided to expel George Zimmerman, who claims he shot Trayvon in self defense. Administrators cave to mobs stirred up by the likes of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.  The Black Panthers put a bounty on Zimmerman's head, and face no repercussions.  

Yet, the academics use this as an opportunity to advance their favorite cause: left-wing activism.


Mary Beth Gasman, blogging at the Chronicle of Higher Education, gasses on about the role of Historically Black Colleges (HBCU's):

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Dissident Cat's RelativeDissident Cat's RelativeDissident Prof has incorporated!  Dissident Prof is now registered as a non-profit corporation in the state of Georgia as Dissident Prof Education Project, Inc.  Just got the checking account and EIN number.  Now for the IRS paperwork. Dissident Prof believes she has 27 months to file the paperwork, so contributions might be tax-deductible now.  She is a bit behind in dispatches because of all the paperwork, but promises not to take 27 months!

Speaking of contributions, she is extremely grateful for a start-up grant, and contributions from dissident supporter-citizens.  Most recent ones include

Don Vodopich

Eric Ribitsch

Ernie Gaida

Anonymous (but he's a great dancer!)

It's been an exciting month with Dissident Prof testifying before the Georgia Non-Civil House Judiciary Committee on a bill that would deny illegal aliens the right to attend public colleges.  Why did she feel like Whittaker Chambers?  Maybe it was because an advocate of illegal behavior, one of the attendees of the Teach-In, accused HER of lying by shouting it out in the committee room.

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What we'll see at C-PAC?What we'll see at C-PAC?As Dissident Prof gets ready to head to Washington for C-PAC, she learns from a dilligent reader about Big Labor's plans to "occupy" C-PAC.  The D.C. AFL-CIO calls C-PAC an "elite conservative gathering," presumably of the 1%.

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Next step for college studentsNext step for college studentsMore money for mostly worthless college educations.  Always more ways to get unprepared, unmotivated college students, especially at community colleges, to avail themselves of the resources so that they will stay in college (and keep the federal aid coming in).  A study suggests requiring not only that students take remedial classes but that they avail themselves of the other remedial resources being offered, like those for test-preparation, study skills, and "student success" habits.  Next thing you know, the feds will be providing escort service from bedroom to campus, with assistance in packing book bags.

Read more: Mary's Contraries, February 3, 2012


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