Volunteer!Volunteer!Twas the season, lo that merry month of December and on into mid-January, for the celebration of Christmas, Hannukah, and Martin Luther King Jr.'s birth.


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Disruption of YoreDisruption of YoreConservative professors and students continue to face challenges in the academic industrial complex. 

Paul Derengowski, an adjunct professor at Tarrant County College in Fort Worth, Texas, quit after two Muslim students disrupted and frightened his world religion class and then walked out.

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It's Friday, 4 p.m.It's Friday, 4 p.m.The Document Dump from the White House happened after Dissident Prof had written her post last Friday.  She saw notice of "New 'Diversity' Guidelines" on Phi Beta Cons first and then went back to read the directive from the departments of Justice and Education.

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Dissident Prof was back in the pages of Townhall this week and was heartened to see that her readers followed and enjoyed her article about the Center for American Progress's piggybacking onto the Tea Party's attention to the founding fathers and the Constitution, but by devious means.

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