PBS Lesson: Not Exactly Officer FriendlyPBS Lesson: Not Exactly Officer FriendlyBy Mary Grabar, Posted June 29, 2012: I've teamed up with Tina Trent to write a report for Accuracy in Media on the curriculum Public Broadcasting produces for our schools, like an investigation by the "History Detectives" on the social services provided by the Black Panthers.  Children learn that they fought the "pigs in the street," as this poster from the 1960s illustrates. 


Did you know that that is what their educational programming is about?  Or about the glory days of protests and riots in the 1960s?  Or how we put Japanese-Americans in "concentration camps" during World War II?  There are thousands of lessons that they brag about.  Read about it here, in our report titled "PBS: Re-Educating America's Schoolchildren, Thanks to Your Contributions."

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