Educate America? (On Roosevelt's Fireside Chats?)Educate America? (On Roosevelt's Fireside Chats?)By Mary Grabar, Posted July 13, 2012: Dissident Prof was in Rochester, New York, last week visiting family and chomping down on those yummy white hots and Abbott’s frozen custard, so she was unaware that the National Education Association was holding its convention during the Fourth of July in Washington.

It figures.

The AP story began by describing it like a re-election rally, with “thousands packing a convention center, Barack Obama T-shirts, videos celebrating the health care law, and a wall-size banner with encouraging messages to the incumbent president.”


What does this have to do with education?  Nothing except a quid pro quo between the union and politicos.

Nevertheless, a few brave Republican teachers spoke out.  One, according to the article, was booed.  And these are the people teaching kids about debate, citizenship, and civility.  Union president Dennis Van Roekel reportedly intervened, saying everyone had a right to speak. 

Right, and this openness and diversity explain why the union is supporting only one candidate for president.

He also explained that the reason Republican teachers weren’t sent invitations to the national GOP convention as delegates (while Democrat teachers were to their own convention) was because the newsletter deadline had been missed.

Yes, these kinds of mistakes happen all the time when it comes to dissenting teachers’ activities, as Dissident Prof knows all too well.

Gary Beckner also wrote about the convention in a Townhall column titled, “NEA Convention Doesn’t Reflect Mainstream Teacher Values.”  Some of the controversial, non-educational resolutions put forth opposed U.S. military action against Iran, proposed “an initiative to gather information on groups that ‘discourage NEA membership,’” and endorsed the reelection of Barack Obama. 

Another one was “a failed effort to recommend the ousting of reform-minded Secretary of Education Arne Duncan.” 

“Reform-minded”?  Dissident Prof thinks not—unless it has something to do with basketball, like Midnight Basketball that the Department of Education is bringing back. 

Duncan’s “reforms” may help some night owls with their game, but not with academics.  Nor will the new Common Core standards help with academics, as many conservatives have been duped into believing.  Look a little more closely at Duncan’s “reforms,” Mr. Beckner.

More to come on that.

More also to come on Obama lessons in schools.  You may remember Dissident Prof’s analysis of textbooks in Minding the Campus.  The presses are cranking up for the initial offering of the first Dissident Prof Guide Book that will take an in-depth look at Obama’s “A New Beginning” speech, seen by many as leading to his Nobel Peace Prize, and now foisted upon innocent college freshmen and sophomores through The Norton Reader.

But as the Muslim Brotherhood takes over Egypt and other parts of the Middle East after the so-called “Arab Spring,” these same textbooks extolling Obama’s call to young people to “remake the world” will be going into classrooms.

Stay tuned. 

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