No peeking!No peeking!Posted August 5, 2014, by Mary Grabar: The Dissident Prof has spent many an agonizing hour with the student who has insulted her intelligence by copying and pasting large pieces of text into her own paper.  She has followed the policy of the various institutions in which she has taught and punished students accordingly.  She remembers one case of a solid B student who in the midst of the rush or the excitement of the end  of the semester decided to use the cut and paste functions on her keyboard for large portions of the final paper.  Alas, I had to inform her that her paper received a zero.  Her final letter grade dropped down to the next one.  That is one reason why college professors always have boxes of tissues on their desks.


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George SchuylerGeorge SchuylerBy Mary Grabar, Posted July 31, 2014:Dispatching from the Alexander Hamilton Institute for the Study of Western Civilization, in Clinton, New York, where the Dissident Prof is visiting fellow and continuing her study of George Schuyler, great American writer and patriot.  She is looking forward to a productive year writing the Schuyler book and keeping you informed about developments in the re-education of America.

Today, Dissident Prof examines one of the newsletters sent to teachers across the land.  She learned that education is like a bowl of fruit. . . .


The July 24 Teachers Edition, “A Newsletter Celebrating Teaching & Leading from the U.S. Department of Education”

This is what she found:


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Larry GrathwohlLarry GrathwohlPosted July 18, 2014, by Mary Grabar: Today, one year after his untimely death, we honor Larry Grathwohl, brave and patriotic American, who fought communists in the jungles of Vietnam and then in the vermin-infested cells of the Weather Underground here in the U.S.A.  Please take the time to go to the site Bringing Down America (the title of Larry's republished book) and help keep his memory alive.  You'll find articles by his friends that give insights into his life and his efforts in fighting the misery being caused by Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn, and the other terrorists of the Weather Underground.  We are countering the lies Bill Ayers was allowed to spread on Fox News recently.

As part of this effort, my article, "Larry Grathwohl: Remembering an American Hero," appears today in Townhall. Read it here.

This event is being coordinated by Larry's daughter Lindsay and Tina Trent, friend and publisher of his book.

Please share and comment on these articles and posts.  Send in your own to the address at Bringing Down America. For updates, visit We'd love to hear from you.

For stressed out comp teachersFor stressed out comp teachersBy Mary Grabar, Posted April 1, 2014: Sadly, what's going on in education is not a joke.  Here in Georgia, we're recovering from a nasty session at the Capitol where all kinds of tricks were used to defeat legislation to withdraw Georgia from Common Core and to protect student privacy.  The first of my reporting appeared in PJ Media, "The 'Show' of Support for Common Core in Georgia."  It was picked up in Stop Common Core, North Carolina, where they are experiencing similar strategies.  It earned a mention in the Morning Reads at the pro-Common Core website, Peach Pundit.

At the Selous Foundation for Public Policy Research, I discuss how Common Core redistributes grades.  The article was posted also at the Locker Room blog of the John Locke Foundation.

My article on food studies (yes, Virginia, there is such a thing) was published at the John William Pope Center for Higher Education Reform, and mentioned at the National Association of Scholars blog, Capitalism Magazine, then Family Security Matters, and by Daniel Greenfield.

A review by Bruce Bawer of Exiled appears in the current issue of Academic Questions.  A subscription to the journal comes with a membership to the National Association of Scholars...well worth the price!

Enough about me!


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