No Bullying of MuslimsNo Bullying of MuslimsPublic Education Jihad: Islam Is Infiltrating Our Schools and Indoctrinating Our Youth: by Martin Slann, Posted May 26, 2017: (Editor's note: Dissident Prof is delighted to feature another post by Professor of Political Science, Martin Slann, on the problem of Islamic indoctrination in our schools, which is spreading from the "Wear a Hijab for a Day" events at a community college where she taught 2007-2010 to such appreciation in elementary schools.)

From Europe to America: In much of Europe, public education is being successfully undermined by the growing Islamic presence in schools at all levels. The problem is not a new one, but has become increasingly pervasive during just the last few years and it is spreading to the United States.

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Mike and Gwyneth with the Dissident Prof, Grove City CollegeMike and Gwyneth with the Dissident Prof, Grove City CollegePosted May 5, 2017, by Mary Grabar: It took me about 24 hours to feel like I was no longer driving after two days on the road on Monday and Tuesday, back from my travels to Pennsylvania and Georgia. I'm back at the AHI and back at writing. What a great experience at the Center for Vision and Values at Grove City College, with two days of discussion (April 20 and 21) about "the god that failed," in marking the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution. There were writers, talk show hosts, dissidents who had been jailed, and Grove City College faculty members, plus the Dissident Prof making presentations. Mine was on "Poetry for the Proletariat: Langston Hughes vs. George Schuyler." You can watch the video here

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The Dissident Prof, Russell Kirk CenterThe Dissident Prof, Russell Kirk CenterPosted: April 22, 2017: The Dissident Prof Executive Director, Mary Grabar, will be speaking at the Georgia Tea Party, Marietta, GA, on Thursday, April 27, 2017. Topic: "The Leftist Takeover of Academia." Details here at

Image Source: IDF (via Gatestone), found in wanted terrorist's home in HebronImage Source: IDF (via Gatestone), found in wanted terrorist's home in HebronHate, Murder, Imprisonment: Palestinian Career Paths, Guest Post by Martin Slann, April 7, 2017:

The approximately 3.6 million Arabs living in Gaza and Judea and Samaria are dominated by criminal regimes: the Hamas terror gang in Gaza and the corrupt Palestinian Authority (PA) based in Ramallah. Neither regime has expressed any concern with improving the economic infrastructure.  Neither cares about the misery of the unfortunate Arabs in these areas. Both readily blame Israel for any and all troubles experienced by the general population. To insure that all are in agreement that Israelis are at fault for anything that goes wrong, teachers, journalists, and Islamic preachers are enlisted to blame the Jews for the fact that Arabs are economically poor and culturally stagnant.

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