William Ligon and Jane RobbinsWilliam Ligon and Jane RobbinsPosted January 17, 2014, by Mary Grabar:

More than 120 people drove through heavy rain to hear the panel discussion “Confronting the Common Core” in Gainesville, Georgia, on January 13.  The event was sponsored by Concerned Women for America and American Principles in Action, and featured Jane Robbins, Senior Fellow at the American Principles Project; Dr. Terrence O. Moore, History Professor, Hillsdale College; and William Ligon, Georgia State Senator, Third District.


Jane Robbins: “The progressive’s dream is to know everything about every child so they can determine his future.”

Common Core is “outcome-based education, round two.”  Outcome-based education was the fad of evaluating students based on their attitudes and dispositions rather than knowledge.


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Front Page NewsFront Page NewsPosted January 9, 2014, by Mary Grabar: Alexis de Tocqueville wrote about the dangers of confusing equal rights with equal outcomes.  Our system of justice is based on the rights of the individual.  We believe in rewarding individual merit, in school and on the job.  But the U.S. Department of Education is intent on guaranteeing equality of outcomes and is pulling the race card.

First, came the comment by Arne Duncan in November about the "white suburban moms" being upset that Common Core "standards" were revealing that their kids weren't as "brilliant" as they thought they were.  I don't think too many people have noticed (or maybe haven't wanted to say), but a large part of the new crazy Common Core  standards concerns equalizing academic outcomes. 


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Common Core and Our StoriesCommon Core and Our StoriesPosted January 7, 2014, by Mary Grabar: It is indeed about more than Common Core, as Terrence Moore points out in his indispensible new book, The Story-Killers: A Common-Sense Case Against the Common Core.   Read my review in the Selous Foundation for Public Policy Research newsletter.  If you're in Georgia or near, come hear Dr. Moore in Gainesville on a panel discussion with Georgia State Senator William Ligon and American Principles Project Senior Fellow and attorney Jane Robbins on Monday, January 13th.  It's sponsored by Concerned Women for America, with registration informaiton here. The fight is about taking back our heritage, which is passed on in our stories.


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Dowdist Hunger GamesDowdist Hunger Games Posted December 31, 2013, by Mary Grabar: May this land, to which my parents and many others escaped, retain its freedom, freedom to satirize and express opinions--especially about politicians.  The Dissident Prof makes her debut appearance at The People's Cube, with an imitation of the inimitable Maureen Dowd, who is about as accurate in her diagnoses of causes for potetential apocalypses as is that novelist to the north who predicted that it would be Christians having women walk around in long robe-like body coverings with shielded faces. I speak of course of Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale, published in 1985.  So much has happened in the nearly 30 years since!  But it has escaped notice of the Times columnist, Maureen Dowd, who blames everything on the patriarchy and GOP.  Take a read here and take a walk down memory lane with me as I revisit some of the brain-torturing French feminist criticism I had to read in graduate school.


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