The wrong lessonThe wrong lessonPosted by Mary Grabar, August 22, 2014: It's a sad day when the first day of school is delayed a week because of rioting, as it has been in Ferguson, Missouri.  Teachers, instead of being in classrooms teaching, have been getting "crisis training."  Those who have irresponsibly been quick to judge in the case of the shooting of Michael Brown by a police officer without all the facts have only added fuel to the fire.  This is the case in the lessons about Ferguson that have been prepared, free for teachers to download.


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Russell Kirk: 10 PrnciplesRussell Kirk: 10 PrnciplesPosted August 15, 2014, by Mary Grabar: Dispatching from the Alexander Hamilton Institute, where Professor Robert Paquette outdoes himself in a post titled "The New Discrimination on U.S. Campuses" at SeeThruEd.  It's discrimination against intended beneficiaries of affirmative action, illustrated by the fake Indians Ward Churchill and Elizabeth Warren, former Harvard law professor, now senator from Massachusetts. Warren has issued Eleven Commandments of Progressivisim: 


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No peeking!No peeking!Posted August 5, 2014, by Mary Grabar: The Dissident Prof has spent many an agonizing hour with the student who has insulted her intelligence by copying and pasting large pieces of text into her own paper.  She has followed the policy of the various institutions in which she has taught and punished students accordingly.  She remembers one case of a solid B student who in the midst of the rush or the excitement of the end  of the semester decided to use the cut and paste functions on her keyboard for large portions of the final paper.  Alas, I had to inform her that her paper received a zero.  Her final letter grade dropped down to the next one.  That is one reason why college professors always have boxes of tissues on their desks.


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George SchuylerGeorge SchuylerBy Mary Grabar, Posted July 31, 2014:Dispatching from the Alexander Hamilton Institute for the Study of Western Civilization, in Clinton, New York, where the Dissident Prof is visiting fellow and continuing her study of George Schuyler, great American writer and patriot.  She is looking forward to a productive year writing the Schuyler book and keeping you informed about developments in the re-education of America.

Today, Dissident Prof examines one of the newsletters sent to teachers across the land.  She learned that education is like a bowl of fruit. . . .


The July 24 Teachers Edition, “A Newsletter Celebrating Teaching & Leading from the U.S. Department of Education”

This is what she found:


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