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Stories from Conservative and Moderate Professors Who Have Been Ridiculed, Ostracized, Marginalized, Demonized, and Frozen Out

Authored by Mary Grabar
Contributions by M.D. Allen, Martin Slann, Paul Kengor, Scott Herring, Brian E. Birdnow, Jack Kerwick

Mary Grabar, Ph.D., founder of Dissident Prof, ( gathers stories by six of her colleagues, professors "exiled" professionally and socially for ideas deemed heretical by today's radical academic gatekeepers. Readers will get an inside look at how the academy operates-and how the gatekeepers deny that they discriminate. With lively and entertaining prose, these six professors tell tales of being ostracized, ridiculed, and denied opportunities to teach-even when their students protest on their behalf! They will learn how the radicals use tax and tuition money to fund studies and academic centers to smear political opponents and those who disagree with their politically correct worldviews.

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By Mary Grabar

In Bill Ayers: Teaching Revolution, Mary Grabar draws on her twenty-year career in education to describe the ways Ayers’s ideas are revolutionizing and transforming colleges of education and K-12 schools. She reveals the breadth of his influence—and offers constructive ways to challenge his grip.  

Some ways Bill Ayers’s radical ideology is influencing education today:

  • Presenting the U.S. and the West as oppressors and promoting “global citizenship.”  
  • Continuing the communist project of presenting capitalism as the basis of racism.  
  • Rejecting order, testing, standards, and independent thought in school and replacing them with constant questioning of values and “collaboration.”  
  • Open revolutionary goals, and encouragement of “anarchist calisthenics,” when administrators are not looking, to find an institution’s “cracks.”
  • Self-interest and self-promotion, with the teacher as hero, and replacement of the parent by the teacher and government surrogate.

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Barack Obama's Cairo Speech

Authored by Mary Grabar

Authored with Brian E. Birdnow

On June 4, 2009, President Barack Obama delivered a much-anticipated speech at Cairo University in Egypt. Coming on the heels of Obama's worldwide "Apology Tour," the speech signaled not only how Obama viewed his country, but how he would set himself apart in "a new beginning" that would change America's course from what he presented as a dangerous and belligerent approach by his predecessor, President George W. Bush. The version of history that Obama presented, however, cast the Middle East and Islam in a more favorable light than the facts would warrant.

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