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Bill Ayers, Distinguished ProfessorKeeping up with Bill Ayers, by Mary Grabar, Posted March 8, 2013...It's no easy task when you're talking about a retired (but not emeritus owing to a dedication to the assassin of a trustee's father, Robert F. Kennedy), "Distinguished Professor of Education," who jaunts from giving a speech to a major education conference, to organizing with a union, and then spending a week as scholar-in-residence at Minnesota State University Moorhead. 

Dissident Prof listened to Ayers's blather in person at the Association of Teacher Educators conference in Atlanta.  It turned out to be much like the blather in the presumably scholarly books and articles Ayers has penned. 

What was dismaying was the fact that this professional organization of over 650 colleges and universities, 500 major school systems, and the majority of state departments of education, based in Washington, D.C., (to represent members' "interests"), invited Ayers.  Thanks to mostly taxpayers, professors of education, teachers-in-training, and administrators enjoyed a few fun-filled days listening to Ayers's advice on how to subvert the will of the people when it comes to ensuring educational standards for students.  Read about it at PJ Media.

from jail to the classroomFellow Dissident Tina Trent was at hand in the lobby of the glitzy Hyatt-Regency to offer additional commentary and a preview of the reissuing of Bringing Down America by Larry Grathwohl, who infiltrated Ayers's terrorist group, Weatherman.  Check out our video interview by ConservARTive.  Look for more information in the coming days here in Dissident Prof.



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