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Bill Ayers, Anti-AmericanBy Mary Grabar, Posted September 27, 2013: Bill Ayers continues to spread his poisonous ideas on college campuses.  FrontPage Magazine has my article about his tour and the same old, same old charges by radical college administrators that objections to his visits constitute censorship.  No one is censoring Bill Ayers, just saying that he has nothing of value to say.  He contradicts himself about being a terrorist--unless you don't think planting bombs is terrorism.  Look for the self-serving lies about having been an overly idealistic college student when he did all that and being a dedicated activist, husband, and father afterwards.  Not true.  Look at the photo: That's a man well into middle age standing on the American flag, and that's a publicity photo for the first memoir Fugitive Days.

Here is the Publishers Weeklyarticle about Public Enemy: Memoirs of an American Dissident, the sequel soon to be released.  Wonder if Ayers reveals why he was in Washington, D.C., in 2009, when he ran into "right-wing blogger Ann Leary," as the article states?  Does he admit that he shared the stage as keynote speaker with Education Secretary Arne Duncan and Under Secretary Martha Kanter?  Does he admit that what was being discussed there was Common Core, and by a representative from Achieve, a non-profit funded by the Gates Foundation acting basically as the project manager for Common Core?  Read about that in my Accuracy in Media report, "Terrorist Professor Bill Ayers and Obama's Federal School Curriculum."

And someone please tell House Majority Leader Eric Cantor who Paulo Freire was.  EAG News did in an article and quoted the Dissident Prof.  No, Paulo Freire was not a "brilliant educator," as Cantor claimed in a speech. Freire was a Marxist revolutionary who quoted Engels, Marx, Mao, and Che Guevara in his writings on education.  Bill Ayers assigned Freire's book, Pedagogy of the Oppressed, most often, second only perhaps to his own books, of course.

And, finally, thank you to my gracious hosts at Lee University and Cleveland, Tennessee, who welcomed me so warmly--Professor Coulter, students, members of the community--for my talk on Bill Ayers and the Attack on the American Character.  I hope the students there will spread the truth about Bill Ayers.  We just need to remember the image of him standing on the flag to remember who he really is.



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