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Bill Ayers, Front Page Magazine By Mary Grabar, Posted October 11, 2013: Radicals A to Z...In reverse alphabetical order . . . the Howard Zinn read-ins (teach-ins) appeared in National Review's Phi Beta Cons blog.

Send in those entries, please.  There are many Howard Zinn lies from which to choose.  Let's not let those fellow commie professors go unchallenged on their Howard Zinn "read-in."

Dissident Prof has submitted her name to Elgin Community College as a candidate for speaker to provide an alternate view to that of Bill Ayers who spoke there on September 26.  She was told that her name would be presented before the committee last Thursday, but there has been no response to her two emails since.  In this video taken after Bill Ayers's talk, Jeff Julian, Executive Director of Communications at Elgin Community College, tells Champion News reporter and editor Lennie Jarrett that he would be willing to bring in a speaker with "opposing viewpoints." 


On October 1, he told Dissident Prof that he would put her name forward to the Humanities Staff for consideration.  On October 2, she received a note from David Zacker Co-Director of the Humanities Center that her name would be put into consideration that Thursday (October 3).  We shall see.  Will there really be an opposing view to Ayers at this public community college?  

Will there be one at the University of Chicago where Bill Ayers read from his new book Public Enemy?  There he whined about how people are still protesting his visits, according to a Chicago Maroon story

One more time, spoiled rich son of Thomas Ayers recalled how he and graduate students were shocked--shocked when George Stephanopolous mentioned his connection to Obama during a 2008 debate.  Ayers felt light-headed and dizzy (kind of like when he was in the middle of riots he had helped start, we suppose). 

The intrepid student reporter writes:


A side effect of his national notoriety was the backlash, both from institutions that had invited him for lectures—one college withdrew their offer two hours after his acceptance—and from individuals.


Cry me a riverAww!  Wah, wah, wah!  (Please read Exiled, "Distinguished Professor" Ayers to see how those who have not set bombs or supported those who did have fared in academia.)

With $1,200 from Illinois taxpayers for his Elgin Community College speech in hand, Ayers continued:


“It’s a bad sign and bad tidings when universities feel that they can’t open up space for real dialogue,” he said.


It sounds like the aging radical might be having post-traumatic stress, considering that he is still trying to get over the protestors at the community college:


Ayers explained that even now, he is still dealing with protestors and picketers at his events, including at a lecture at Elgin Community College last week.


Well, if you can't take the heat, get out of the bomb-making lab.  Of course, we know from Larry Grathwohl's memoir Bringing Down America that Ayers largely left the dangerous work to the women of the Weather Underground.


“It’s something that’s unexpected and still ongoing and weird to me,” Ayers said. “After 2008, wherever I went—except International House—I was picketed and often cancelled. I’m still hoping that some of them [the protestors] will still come in [tonight] because one of the great things is actually engaging with the Tea Party.”


That's funny coming from a bomb-thrower who encourages students to shout down conservative speakers and called Tea Party members racists and jingoists while training Occupy Wall Street protestors.

At a speech commemorating Kent State last May, Ayers called John McCain's wartime service "murder," while defending the bombings he participated in as "property damage."  Ayers took $1,200 from student fees at this public university while he propagandized about the 1960s alongside celebrity-radical Tom Hayden.

So, let's all feel sorry for the son of privilege who is collecting not only speaking fees from Illinois taxpayers, but a pension for a salary that was at least $126,000 a year. 

Do you want to know about others who, like Bill Ayers, have profited from their radical and often violent pasts with cushy positions in academia?  Then save the date, November 3, when Tina Trent and I will be speaking on "Weather Underground in the Ivory Tower: Transforming Education from Kindergarten to College." The talk is sponsored by the Georgia chapter of the National Association of Scholars, and supported by The Devereaux F. and Dorothy M. Clatchey Foundation, and will take place at the Solarium, in Decatur, Georgia, beginning at 2:00 p.m.




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